A Detailed Purdue Photowalk

Taking Some Different Lenses On A Purdue Photowalk

Last night I was on campus making some portraits and I had a walk around campus planned after it. When I was planning what lenses to take the portrait lenses had to go in the bag. I was then thinking about how to get my normal landscape kit out as well. It was then that I made the decision to just do my walk with my 85mm and 135mm lenses. There are other ways to spark creativity, but this is an easy one. You are forced to think differently as you walk around campus. I really liked this exercise, and I may try it again soon.

Gradient Fun

When we should have seen the sun setting the clouds seemed to get thicker. I decided to try and make some moody black and white photos. Somewhere in between making the photo and editing the photo I changed my mind. By pulling a gradient from each end of the photo I was able to inject some color into this scene. It is never meant to show reality, but rather to just have a little fun.

A Double Take

As I was walking by the lion fountain on campus I had to do a double take. The four trees that surrounded it were gone. I say it all of time, but every time that I walk campus something is different. The place is just constantly evolving. With nothing behind the fountain I was able to put some lights in the background for a little bokeh.

Ross-Ade Stadium

I have so many photos that are wide angles of this stadium. Maybe my summer project will be finding little bits of the stadiums to show off. Here I was thinking about the fact that it is a possibility that fans will not get to enter this stadium this year when I made the photo. In this time of uncertainty even things like an entry sign take on a different meaning.

Always New

As I said above there is so much going on around campus. Here I framed the clock tower with one of the newer buildings on campus. When this building is finished it is going to be a fun place to make photos around.

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