Another Boilermaker Sunset

Having Some Fun At Sunset On Campus

Last night it looked like it was going to be a great sunset. I made my way up to campus quickly. I made some photos that I liked, but it looked like the sunset was going to fizzle out. Of course that is when it decided to go crazy. I quickly changed locations to make this photo of the boilermaker statue with the sunset behind it. I had already made something similar, but this was my best option at the time.

Always Learning

I have been really trying to learn more about Lightroom during this downtime. There is so much that I never really used in the program. Some of these edits that you will/have seen are a result of that. I have been playing around with the color profiles as well as other adjustment profiles a lot more. I am sure that some photos will hurt your eyes, but they are all part of the learning process. Hopefully nothing is as bad as my early HDR photography though.

Testing Out Some New Equipment

I rented a Sony 135mm f/1.8 lens for some portraits and decided to take it along with me on my campus walk. This was the only photo that I made with it, but I liked how it grabbed focus quickly. I really like this lens. That is bad news for my pocketbook. I will probably talk about this lens a lot more in a future post.

One Last Look At The Boilermaker

This was my idea for a photo when I ran up to the statue. It was okay, but as I said before I had already made this photo. I decided to then change to the photo that is at the top of the post, and I liked that one much more. This photo though may end up on my wall.

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