The House Wren Returns To The Celery Bog

Seeing The House Wren Again

Last spring I made some photos that I really liked of the house wren at the Celery Bog. I had one spot where they were building a nest where I knew that I could make a photo. Imagine my surprise when the first real look that I had this year was the one above. I love the bird in the flowers, and the singing just made it a photo that I know will show up on the blog again in a best of post.

The Uncommon Common Yellowthroat Poses For Me

As the days go by and I see this bird more it is becoming more and more relaxed around me. It has been coming a little closer to the point that hopefully in a week or so we can do some real modeling. I still like this pose. When we get more acquainted with each other I can ask it to move to a spot with a good background though.

Lunch With Momma

It has been fun watching these baby ducks slowly grow. Last year I was more focused in the woods, and I didn’t see as many baby ducks up close. This year there are at least three groups that I have seen sometimes one right after another. It is a great way to break up the gallery as well as add a little cuteness to it.

The Caspian Tern

I will be honest. I had no idea what this was until last week when a dozen flew over and a good birder called out what they were. When I saw them Sunday I knew that I had to try and make a photo of something that I don’t normally see at the bog. The tree swallow in the background just adds to the photo for me.


This house sparrow was gathering food I assume to take back to the nest. It had so much though that as it grabbed a new piece it seemed like two would fall out of its mouth. It was fun to watch this process. I had not eaten before my trip out to the bog so I felt this hungry too. I was not the only one as a hawk swooped out of the trees and tried to grab this distracted guy. The hawk missed, and this sparrow lived to grab a little more few.

Tastefully Using A Wing

These tree swallows must have been wrestling or something in front of me. I couldn’t tell because the one on top was blocking my view with its wing. I always wondered how so many of these birds appeared at the bog. Now I know.

The Catbird Seat

This was my first real photo op with a catbird this year. Last year I made many bad photos of a catbird early on because I never really noticed them before. This year I saw a few before I made my first photos because I knew that there would be a better opportunity. They are so abundant at a point that you will run into a good situation. This one in the flowers was one of those times.

Move Stick!

It seems that this is the year of reflection photos for me. It is also the year of sticks getting in the way of a good reflection photo. This one might have led off the post if that stick near the head would not have been there. The good thing about this bird is that it will be there all summer long so I have plenty of chances at a reflection without a stick in the way. Bird photography is all about the reps. The more reps you put in the better your photos will be.

The Week In Photos

As the migration heats up the week in photos will be more birds than anything else I assume. It is amazing how far these birds travel to come through here. Their color is a breath of fresh air after a long winter so they really do become a priority during the couple of weeks that they are here. You never know what has flown in each day. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

Ending With A Palm Warbler

This has been the year of the palm warbler at the Celery Bog. They are everywhere. Having so many means that the odds of having one land in a great location is far better than a rare bird. I have made some very fun palm warbler photos this year because of that. You don’t make a photo of every palm warbler that you see, but when they land on a good perch you certainly take advantage of it.

A Fun Morning At The Bog

This was a walk where I was just not feeling it for most of the trek. I was not seeing as many warblers as I had hoped that I would. When I made it home and I saw my take I realized that I had seen quite a bit. It is actually amazing all that was going on for a couple of hours out there. With the migration just getting going here the bird photos will probably only increase.

2 Replies to “The House Wren Returns To The Celery Bog”

  1. Awesome pic on the tree swallows. I’ve never gotten anything like that. They flit around here high in the sky and don’t sit still in front of the camera to mate like that. 🙂

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