The Palm Warbler Returns To The Celery Bog

Seeing The Palm Warbler Again

This palm warbler might be my favorite of the warblers that I see each year. There are others that I want to make photos of because I don’t see them often, but this one has to be my favorite. I love the colors especially against a green background like above. It really pops. It is also usually very cooperative for photos which is always appreciated. This year I had seen a few, but never in a good position or in good light. That all changed last night. I had walked for over two hours with really very little to show for it. Right when I was feeling down on my luck this palm warbler hopped up on this stick and gave me a very nice photo.

Taking What Is Given

Both of the photos in this post were the same bird within a minute or two. I had one other good encounter with another bird right at the end of my walk, but other than that it was seeing birds in bad light. It is easy to get frustrated by this. I was starting to get there. I don’t have the time right now to get out to the bog as much as I used to. My job has changed because of this virus. When I am out there I wish that it would all come easier at times, but if it were easy then it wouldn’t be so much fun. You have to just take what is given to you. I spent a couple of trips out there waiting for the right situation with this palm warbler. With a little patience I finally had my moment. The fun part of course will now be trying to top these photos.

A Great Month

I am sure that it has more to do with people being bored while in isolation than the content of this blog, but this was the best April ever as far as views go. I don’t live and die by the views, but when I see a positive trend it is always a good thing. Thank you all for reading the blog this month. It was a  month entirely without sports which is a new thing for me. Thanks for following along as I try and sort things out and find out what is next.

3 Replies to “The Palm Warbler Returns To The Celery Bog”

  1. It’s just such a joy to see all the birds, Dave, and having a two-hour walk sounds great to me. It’s so different here, walking along the canal where not much grows and the types of birds are much more limited. But at least I’m out and walking, which is more than many are able to do, so I’m thankful. On the non-animal side, there’s a lemon tree in a yard on the other side of a wall that often has deposited lemons on the walkway during the night, so I’m reveling in free fresh lemons. 🙂


      1. Dave, I’ve always valued my walks, no matter where, because I love getting out in nature (or here, as close to it as I can) and the alone time is also refreshing for me. If I lived somewhere where I wasn’t supposed to get out at all, that would make life harder.

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