A Great Egret Trip To The Celery Bog

A Nice Surprise At The Celery Bog

Yesterday I went out to the Celery Bog for some exercise. Of course my camera went with me as it always does. I was walking around and not seeing too many birds that were ready to be photographed. When we hit the back of the bog there were many egrets all over just waiting to be photographed. Until a week or so ago I had only seen these birds from afar. They always seemed super shy. This group did not care that I was around.

Flying In

Part of the fun of having so many egrets around was the fact that they were moving about quite a bit. There were some in front of me, and some across the pond. They seemed to be trading spots for a while. That gave me plenty of chances to make some photos of these birds in flight. I love having some extra time to make photos.

Diving Right In

When I am watching herons fish I know the signs of when they are going to strike. These egrets really gave no tells that I picked up on. What they did one time before striking seemed to change before the next strike. I couldn’t find the twitch that let me know what was about to happen. I was still able to make a couple of diving photos that I liked although none of the dives led to a fish being caught. That will be for next time.

When Animals Co-Exist

Some of my favorite images come with other animals in them. The lead photo of this post is of an egret flying over some sun bathing turtles. This egret is flying near what I think may be a beaver. The tail looks too big to be a muskrat. I think that the other animals in the frame help show just how diverse the Celery Bog really is. It is amazing how this place is stuck right outside of town. Heck just above this frame is would be the outline of Wal Mart.

6 Feet Back Please

Animals usually are pretty good about abiding by the social distancing guidelines. Here one egret starts to get too close to another, and you can tell by the look that it has to change. Luckily they immediately moved to a safe distance apart.

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