The Pink Moon Over Alexander Field

Finally Photographing Something At Alexander Field

Normally at this point I would have had a few baseball games under my belt at Alexander Field. Of course this year there will be no college baseball at the stadium. A couple of days ago I thought about trying to work the spring sports stadiums into my photo rotation. With the moon rising I knew that this would be a great place to make some photos. In yesterdays post I talked about my original idea to photograph the softball stadium. Here I was able to find a couple of angles to make sure that Alexander Field was included as well.

Using A Familiar Part Of Alexander

I love this edge of Alexander Field. In fact before the moon rose I made a blue hour photo of this exact spot. As the moon was coming up I realized that I could make this photo if I stood in the right position. I ran with all of my gear a few hundred feet to my left to make the photo. To get the moon and the sign both in focus you have to focus stack. I tried some photos with one or the other out of focus and I didn’t like it. Seeing both of them in all of their glory really made me happy here.

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