My Backyard Birds: The Mourning Dove

More Backyard Birds

With the order to stay at home more and more of my bird photos will be from my backyard. My birding spots are still open, but leaving the house isn’t always an option with all of the new duties that I have to do. Back in the day all of my bird photos came from the backyard. I love the needle in a haystack nature of the Celery Bog though. I am sure I will end up out there during migration, but in the meantime the backyard is getting use again.

The Mourning Dove

This morning dove was acting as a lookout for the two mourning doves that were on the ground eating. The ground photos would not have looked so great so I always try and find the lookout. They can be in a place that makes for much better photos. I found one in my tree just sitting there. From my normal position there was a branch in the face of the bird. I snuck over to my back door and hoped that opening it would not spook it. It did not. I made the photo at the bottom of this post. I then realized that by lowering my camera just a bit I would have a greener background that might help the bird pop a bit more. This is one time where the tilting screen really comes in handy. I was able to make a couple of photos that I liked. I then shut the door so the bird could get back to its duties as a lookout.

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