Fast Boat Rides At Portofino Bay

Sunset Boat Rides At Portofino Bay

On our last night in Florida last summer I walked from my hotel to the Portofino Bay resort to make a sunset photo. The clouds showed a little color, but not what I had in mind early on. I was very happy that I had something though. I just needed something in the foreground. A fast moving shuttle boat was just what I wanted. When I knew that it was getting ready to leave I had a couple of ideas of what to do. I could have froze the boat or let it blur out. I thought that letting it blur gave a little interest to the photo. I wanted to leave the viewer with a question of what that was in their heads.

Making Photos On Vacation

Making photos on vacation is always a weird proposition. I don’t want to leave the family to make a photo. In this case though they were watching a movie at our hotel next door so they were pretty busy. That left me with enough time to walk over and make this image. Normally I have to get up super early or stay up super late to be alone on vacation. Here things worked out for me to make a photo that was not at an extreme time.

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