Downtown Lafayette In The Snow

Downtown Lafayette In The Snow

Yesterday after I dropped my little one off at school I made my way over the bridge into Lafayette to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I made some snokeh photos of Lafayette. The snow was not quite right for this, but at times the flakes would get big enough for a good photo. I love how the snow adds an extra layer of depth to the photos.

More Landscape Images

After my snokeh adventure on campus last weekend I had someone write me to ask why I don’t photograph landscapes anymore. This blog has become focused on sports and wildlife. There is a reason for that. With the permacloud that had set over town nothing really looked great. The sky was grey and everything else was a dull shade. I should try and break out of that mindset, but in the winter it takes something really special for a good photo. I do enjoy making no sports and wildlife photos, but this time of year does not lend itself to them very often. I usually end up covering them all to black and white like in this post.

A New Toy

After my walk last week I decided to buy a flash that is compatible with my Sony cameras. Of course Sony had to make a hot shoe that doesn’t quite match up to my old Canon hot shoes. With this Godox flash I can now use TTL flash which is nice on a day like yesterday. You can just let the flash work, and not worry about it so much.

How To Make Snokeh Photos

If you like the look of these photos I made a blog post last week giving ten tips on how to make better ‘snokeh’ photos. You can find that post here.

Purchase A Print!

You can always buy my non college sports photos simply by clicking on the picture. It will take you to my hosting site where you can buy that image, or take a look through the others that I have for sale.

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