West Lafayette Girls Basketball vs. Harrison

West Lafayette and Harrison Square Off On Senior Night

Last night I was back at West Side for another girls basketball game. This is a fun team to make photos of, but of course the home season is now done. It was good to be in the gym one last time this year though. I don’t get over to West Side enough, but I have fun when I do.

Photographing The Harrison Side

I am not from here so when I moved here I had no real alliance. At this point I have kids in the West Side schools so they are the front runner. When I run into someone that I know though I can change gears pretty fast. Just before the game I found out that Harrison had two sisters that I had a connection to. I spent the first half on their side making some photos with that in mind.

Photographing The Bench

The bench can be a fun place to look after big plays. You don’t always get the home run photo, but sometimes you are rewarded for a quick look. This was one of those times when I loved the bench reaction photo.

A Remote Problem

During the first half I played around with a remote at my feet for a while. For some reason after the break when I moved the remote away from me it did not fire. That is too bad. My remotes have never worked the same with this Sony gear. It used to be something very easy. Now I really have to make sure that everything is perfect or it doesn’t fire. I like having remotes in case I get blocked from my view, but the remote has to fire for that to happen.

More With Busy Backgrounds

Last week while making photos in this gym I talked about including signage in your background. A lot of sports critiques will say that you should have nothing in the background. When making photos though I like to include things that show where the game was played. This huge WL on the wall does that just fine for me.

A Rare Feat

West Lafayette senior Alaina Omonode is in rare company. She scored over 1,000 points and also pulled down over 1,000 rebounds in her high school career. I was not able to see much of that record breaking career, but I was glad to be able to see a small portion of it.

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