NCAA Volleyball Tournament: Purdue vs. Wright State

Photographing Purdue Volleyball One Last Time

Knowing that I would be photographing Marquette on Saturday night I stuck around Holloway Gymnasium after my match to photograph the Purdue volleyball team one last time. You are not supposed to have favorites as a photographer, but this team has been more fun to photograph than any other for me. To see them have the success that they have had this season is great.

Holloway Rocking Again

I have heard from several staff of opposing teams about how great Holloway Gymnasium is. The place is always packed, and the fans make it a tough place to win in. This weekend though I found that it also looks very good with the NCAA signage up. Knowing that it would not make for good photos for Marquette Saturday night I spent part of Friday night making some wider images showing off Holloway all dressed up for the tournament.

Including The Banners

At this point of the season you have photos of all of the players. What you don’t have is photos of them with the tournament dressing around them. I tried to put as much of that in my photos as I could. The way that the south end of the arena was dressed up was just too good to ignore. I tried to use it as much as possible.

Finally Getting The Photo

I had this idea for a photo of a celebration in front of the NCAA Tournament banner. I spent nearly the entire third set with this in mind. Lots of celebrations, but nothing good in front of the banner. This one here though came right at the end of the match, and was exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

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