Photographing College Volleyball: Purdue vs. Minnesota

Another Top Ten Opponent Visits Holloway Gymnasium

Purdue had an interesting week last week. They took down the #5 team in the country on Saturday. On Wednesday they had their rival visit. Then on Sunday they had the #6 team in the country come to town. Three home games, but all against good competition. I guess that is what playing in the Big Ten will get you. It is a tough volleyball conference that never lets you rest. The good thing though is that it does prepare you for the post season. After playing through this gauntlet the first round games must seem easy.

The Magic Of Holloway

It is always great to hear Holloway packed and loud. They are selling it out so much now that I have to wonder if Mackey would be an option to accommodate the bigger crowds. I love this little gym though. When the Boiler Block is rocking they make it that much better.

The Fun Of Volleyball

Part of what makes volleyball so much fun to cover is how close you can get, and how much they celebrate. After covering a football game during the weekend you realize how far away you always are. That and the helmets make celebration photos tough. There is a great one on the cover of our Exposure page for the football game so it can be done, but it is so much harder. Volleyball though lets you take the viewer right into the action. It is great. The more I learn the sport the better I can do that as well.

The Week In Photos

Here are my favorite photos from last week. I realize that it is Wednesday, and I am still talking about last week on this blog. I am far behind though, and some of that is by design. I just wanted to make photos Sunday and not worry about getting a blog post up. It also allows me to talk about my week in photos one extra day. Take a look at what I was able to capture last week.

More Photos From The Match

Here is my gallery from the match Sunday.

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