Two Days In Prophetstown

Changing Up My Scenery A Little

This week on Monday and Tuesday I went to Prophetstown State Park to change things up a little bit. I love the Celery Bog, but I felt like I was just making the same photos over and over. At least a change of scenery might give me something different to make photos of. This thorn tree was just what I was hoping for. A different perch for the birds. More than that it is a very interesting place to hang out.


It seems like every time that I visit Prophetstown I find a ton of bluebirds. At the Celery Bog I occasionally see some, but it is far from a given. At the state park the bluebirds are all around. Finding them in an interesting place is the problem. Here they were going out for food and back to this hole in a tree. This seemed like spring behavior, but I guess that I don’t know much about bluebirds. It was good to see them, and I know an interesting tree out there that they should be returning to.

Just One Photo

I have said it before, but when I go out for my morning walk I am just looking for one good photo. If I can get that then I am happy. On Tuesday the weather was not so great. An ultra light rain was coming down which isn’t a deal breaker, but the light was terrible too. I still got my walk in, and I even walked away with a decent photo which is a bonus.

Man Made Objects

Some photographers will never make a photo of an animal with a man made object in the frame. Personally I don’t understand that mentality. If we are pretending that man doesn’t exist then who made the camera? Who is making the picture? I think that birds on man made objects is actually kind of interesting. It is not something that you see very often. As I have said before I am an opportunist as a photographer. I will make a photo of any animal that comes in front of my lens. Even if they are on something that was put there by man.

More With The Thorns

I love these trees so much for bird photography. If I made photos out there all of the time they would probably get boring, but for now they are very interesting to me. It is a way to change things up a little at least.

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