Purdue Swimming Takes On Notre Dame

Photographing The Action In The Pool Again

I am very late to posting this, but Friday night I found myself once again photographing Purdue swimming. Swimming and diving is a sport that can yield some of my favorite photos. It is also the sport that leaves me the most sore after covering it. I don’t know what it is about photographing swimming, but I am always feeling it the next day. This was an especially crazy weekend because I had two events Saturday to cover. The little bit of pain is totally worth it though to make the images.

More With The Three Meter

I absolutely love making photos of the divers on the three meter board. The motion P in the background just makes things interesting for me. I have other angles that I like as well, but my favorites always come from this angle.

Slowing It Down In The Pool

Yesterday you saw my panning shot from the football game, and today here is one that I made the night before in the pool. When the 500m freestyle event is happening and diving is at a break there is not much to make photos of. The 500m event lasts for a while so you end up trying some stuff out. I decided to pan a little to keep sharp. I love panning, and I don’t do it as much as I should. This was a great chance to get some in.

Slowing The Divers Down

The divers were in warm ups so most of the photos would have many other divers in the background. I kept my camera in the same mode as the photo above and tried to capture the moment that they hit the water. It always makes for a crazy photo, and it also cleans out the background a little.

The Week In Photos

Here is a link to my favorite photos from last week. Here we are on Wednesday, and I am still talking about last week. It was a fun one though so please head over to check out my images.

More Photos From The Meet

Here is a link to the Purdue page with my photos from the meet.

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