The Golden Crowned Kinglet At The Celery Bog

The Golden Crowned Kinglet

This is a bird that I have tried and tried to make a nice photo of. They are hard to get because they rarely set still. You have to try and guess where they will land next to have a chance. On Friday I ran into a few of these birds, but rarely had success making a good photo of one. Right when I started my walk I had a perfect perch and background, but this photographer screwed that photo up. This was the bird that was my target for the day so it was good to see a lot of them. I still have some work to do to make a nice photo of one though.

The Great Blue Heron Fishes

I can’t walk by these birds without making a photo of the fishing. When I see that posture that means they may strike I get as low as I can and make the photos. After watching so many just scratch I am always happy to make the photos of them grabbing a meal.

The Ruby Crowned Kinglet

I have had more success with the ruby crowned kinglet than the golden crowned. They seem to be more open to being near me. These birds are almost too comfortable around me as they always seem to end up too close for me to make a photo of them. I had to actually back up to make the photo that you see above.

The White-throated Sparrow

This is a bird that I will see a lot of in the coming months. For now though they are just coming back to the bog. This one was nice enough to perch and pose for me.

The Swamp Sparrow

I was at the point trying to finally make a photo of the marsh wren that has been eluding me when I ran into a few different birds. This swamp sparrow posed nicely for me.

The Yellow-rumped Warbler

This is a bird that I saw many of over the last couple of weeks, but did not see any unit the very end of my walk Friday. Many people will pass right by these birds, but they are still interesting. I will love that little splash of yellow when winter comes. I am glad that I still found a few hanging around.

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