Taking The Sony A7RIV To The Celery Bog

Using The Sony A7RIV For Bird Photography Again

When I first purchased my Sony A7R4 I immediately took it out to the Celery Bog in West Lafayette to try it out. I came away with mixed feelings using the camera for wildlife. It just seemed slower all around than my Sony A9. I love the thought that even cropped in 1.5x I would still have a bigger file with the A7R4 though. I decided to take it out and give it one more try.

Another Day With The Nashville Warbler!

I really thought that I was done seeing these guys for the year. As I was patiently waiting for something else to show up this Nashville Warbler came around. It posed very nicely for about a minute for me before taking back off. It was nice seeing this guy again. The nice patches of yellow will be fun to look at this winter when everything else is dull and gray.

Cropped In And Amazing

This is a very tight crop into basically the photo above. I was already cropped in pretty tight, but I decided to see just what 60 megapixels could get me. What I found out was a lot of detail. When the camera (read photographer) is spot on with focus amazing things can happen with this thing. It is amazing.

A Golden Crowned Kinglet

I have been trying to get a clear look at any kind of kinglet for a couple of weeks now. Today right above me this golden crowned kinglet was nicely posing. It was fun to finally get to see this thing up close. Now I just need to find it close and in good light.

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