Back At The Bog

Back At The Bog For Another Morning Of Photography

With the birds migrating through I have been going for a walk at the Celery Bog every morning lately. One good tip that the migrating birds are coming through in numbers has been seeing and hearing these white-breasted nuthatches. They seem to be leading the visiting birds through the bog. I will walk until I hear the nuthatch, and then stop to see what else is around. It is a technique that has helped me make some nice warbler photos as well as some nice nuthatch photos as well.

Return Of The Killer Mute Swans

Lately the lone remaining mute swan at the Celery Bog has not been very close to me. Since they are the killer mute swans of the Celery Bog that is a good thing for my health, but it is not a good thing for photography. Monday morning this mute swan was just off of one of the observation decks with its head in the water. The fact that it couldn’t see me allowed me to get close enough to make a few photos. Of course my favorites were of it shaking the water off of its head.

The Nashville Warbler

This is a bird that has been making the rounds lately, and is fun to photograph. Just like anything else in photography a little color can go a long way, and this warbler has that. It looks great, and it likes to play down low where the photos are made. Those are a killer combination.

What Are You Looking At?

Sometimes a bird will give me a look. A look like the one above. I guess if I was trying to find food to survive I wouldn’t want a fat guy making photos of me either. These are fun photos though, but I can take a hint and I will leave soon after making them.

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