Photographing College Volleyball: Purdue vs. Illinois

Back In Holloway Gymnasium

Usually early in the season I am spending a lot of time inside of Holloway Gymnasium. This year the tournament action just did not happen for me. I was happy to get to be in a packed Holloway on Sunday though to see Purdue battle Illinois. Volleyball is one of the hardest sports that I photograph. It is also the most rewarding when you make a good photo. The emotion in volleyball is great. You are also close to the action with no facemarks or helmets getting in your way. I definitely have fun curtsied making photos.

Trying Out The Tracking Modes A Little More

One thing about these Sony cameras is the tracking modes and how many of them that there are. I really like to use a spot and I can control what is in focus with my back button. With the tracking mode on I could pick a point to focus on, and for the most part it worked like a charm. I always worry about turning over control of my focus to anything other than me. If I miss I have nobody to blame but myself. I will play around with this a little more this week.

A 60mp Stadium Shot

This was my first real stadium shot with the 60mp Sony A7RIV. I like the idea of having this powerful camera for these wide shots. I never know where they will end up, and every megapixel counts. I can’t wait to make some photos with this thing in Mackey.

A Good Day

I thought that I had a pretty good day making volleyball photos. I was getting good digs and everything else around the game. With the limited volleyball that I have made photos of this year most of my year end best of gallery may come from this game.

The Week In Photos

Here is a look back at last week in photos for me. It was a great week filled with a couple of sports, a lot of birds, and a fun photowalk.

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