Top 19 Softball Photos of 2019

My 19 Favorite Photos From The 2019 Softball Season

This was a fun but short softball season for me this year. I had a couple of spurts where I shot a lot of softball, but I found myself at the baseball field across the way for most of the season. This is a fun sport to photograph, and I need to find a few more games to cover next season. Here are my nineteen favorite photos from my softball season.

19. I made this photo during my first softball game of the season, and it is still one of my favorites obviously. I loved these Purdue softball uniforms. They are modern, but they also call back to some very cool designs from my childhood. This year I made use of the 400mm lens much more. It allowed me to get up close and personal to the action like this photo here.

18. You gotta love a walk off. The players usually mob the player on the base paths. You know that it was a good walk off though when your coach is the first one to you. I love the emotion here. It was a good way to start my season off.

17. This year I photographed two games for Indiana State. The year before I saw many of their games, but my schedule only allowed the games at Purdue this year. I loved this pitching motion. The look on the face captured again with the 400mm lens says it all.

16. I will talk a bit more about the thought process behind this photo in my baseball post coming up. I love the idea of this photograph and how it shows off the stadium. The umpire behind the plate really helps sell the look here.

15. I am a sucker for the eye black shots. If I am covering your event and you see me milling around before the game start putting on eye black. I will be there in a heartbeat making images. The just show you a little behind the scenes, and they are a great start to a gallery.

14. This year I was hired to photograph a state championship softball game here at Bittinger Stadium. I love the emotion of games like this so I arrived early to see the end of the game before mine. From my spot down the line I was able to photograph the win for the Indianapolis Lutheran Saints.

13. Nothing in that state title weekend could match the intensity of the Bremen game. They had an amazing story that I will talk more about later in this post. This photo was made during the inning that won the game for Bremen. I love the layers of emotion here. I wish that all of my photos could be like this one.

12. Bittinger Stadium is a great place for softball. The field is immaculate, and it always makes for a good photo. Here is a picture that I made early in game two of a doubleheader between Purdue and Indiana State.

11. Purdue walked off Indiana State in the game above, and this is my photo from that walk off. This is a prime example of when you use wide angle lenses too much. When you have a 24mm lens in your hand you get a little close. I think that it worked here though.

10. Another Bittinger Stadium wide photo. This stadium just photographs well from many angles. This one here is a shot that I go to a little too often. I love the way though that the lines in the grass lead you into the players and stadium.

9. I love these photos that show the runner and the ball. If you pick the right spot you can make these pretty easily. You just get a sense of what is at stake as the person is running.

8. As much as I talk about enjoying using the 400mm lens at softball I also fell in love with my 24mm lens at the games. The wide aperture of my 24-70 allowed me to photograph through the fence making this picture a little easier to make.

7. Emotion! I love photographing emotion. When the game is on the line that comes up even more. Here Purdue was making a big comeback again, and that emotion came right into the dugout.

6. During that comeback against Indiana State I made this photo of the tying run rounding third base. I love the scoreboard in the background helping tell that story a little bit. These are the kind of shots that I set out to make this year, and I was glad when they worked out a few times.

5. You don’t need a scoreboard in the background to tell you what is going on here. I often position myself near this spot for many reasons. I can make good images all over the field with my setup. I also can get a great view of home plate as the players come into it. I don’t make the running over the plate photos often, but I love it when a slide comes right at me.

4. Here is another photo of players getting ready. This seemed like a tight knit team that loved playing with each other. Photos like this come out of those close environments.

3. With the 400mm lens you can make some interesting photos of fielders. Your margin for error is small, but the way that you get right into the play makes the gamble worth it. Here you see the concentration as the ball makes its way towards the third base players mitt.

2. I need to make more photos of the team getting the game balls ready. It is a cool process that happens in a place that makes it hard to make good photos. When someone comes out of that group like in the photo above it is amazing.

1. This was the photo of the year from the moment that I made it. Before the game I had read the story of senior Rylee Hershberger and her father Jon. Jon was battling cancer, and made a deal with her to see her graduate and win the state title. Before the game I knew that she had already graduated, but the state title was another thing. Of course in true Disney fashion Rylee drove in the game winning runs and after the game this great moment happened. I loved that I was able to add the logos of the ISHAA and the stadium into the photo. It tells a complete story. Sometimes you just go to games to make photos. Here I was there to help make some memories.

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