Revealing The Hummingbird

When The Wind Reveals The Hummingbird

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time at the Celery Bog waiting and waiting for a hummingbird to show up at a bright pink flower. It teased me a few times, but never found the flower. I went home empty handed and I was reading near a window facing our backyard when I noticed that the wind was really blowing out. When it kicked up it showed me a hummingbird hanging out in our tree.

The Ready Camera

I used to have a backup camera always ready to make pictures in the backyard. With the recent brand switch I had been down a few cameras. Luckily here I had my camera still set up from the Celery Bog to use in the backyard. These moments usually don’t last very long so you had better be ready when the moment presents itself.

3 Replies to “Revealing The Hummingbird”

  1. I completely understand! The other day I looked out the living room window and saw a hummingbird on our butterfly bush (species appropriation, I know, but…). Slowly (because of the big window) grabbed my camera and got a few shots before he hummed off elsewhere.


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