Waiting For The Right Moment

Finding The Right Time To Make A Photo

I spent a lot of time last summer waiting for the right moment to make this photo. From the first night that I saw the new arch on campus I had this photo in mind. The light was never right though. The clouds would look great, but then dissipate by the time I made it to campus. The reverse would happen as well. Sometimes though if you just keep at it everything comes together to make something really cool.

Distorting For Fun

The fun thing about the Canon 11-24mm lens is the fact that you can take a normal subject and distort it in interesting ways. By keeping the arch in the middle I tried to minimize the distortion there while really stretching the top and bottom of this photo. Here I think that it works very well. It is one of the things that makes the 11-24mm lens such an interesting one to use.

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