Textures Of The Castle

Hogwarts Castle At Universal Studios

One of the joys of going to Universal Studios was seeing the look on the face of my oldest as she saw the Hogwarts Castle for the first time. The place is larger than life, and for her it was an amazing event seeing it after turning a corner. They do a great job at Universal of giving you big reveals with the Harry Potter stuff. You can truly be amazed.

Having Some Fun

In the summer I tend to have a little more fun with my photos. During the school year I feel that I just end up churning out things that are good, but not as much fun to make. In the summer I like to play around a bit and try things that I normally couldn’t put into my sports photos. On trips I always try and remember to make some shots of some interesting textures to use on my photos. It takes one like this one, and it gives it a little something extra. I will never sell prints of this photo, but it was fun to use a couple of elements together to make something fun. At some point that is what photography is all about anyway isn’t it?

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