Bridge Time

A Sundial Between West Lafayette and Lafayette

On the pedestrian bridge connecting West Lafayette and Lafayette they have a sundial. I have really thought long and hard at times about how to make a really interesting photo that includes the sundial. It really is in such a spot that it does not lend itself to that though. Here I decided to just show part of the sundial which made for a more interesting photo than normal.

When Color Just Won’t Do

When I was up at the bridge it was with every intention of making a nice colorful sunset photo. Sunsets don’t always go according to plan though so you have to make do with what you have. With the clouds and the amount of black in the scene it seemed right to make this a black and white photo. It was after about three months after making it that I saw this, and I made the choice to turn it black and white. It made me enjoy the photo much more by taking all of the color out of it.

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