Reflecting On Notre Dame

The Reflecting Pool In Front Of The Library

Part of every trip to Notre Dame has a few sights that you have to take in. One of them is the reflecting pool in front of the library. On gamely the pool is usually crowded, but with a little patience you can make your way to the front. I made this photo nearly seven years ago so there is a lot I would do differently today. On this day though this was an amazing shot for me.

The Day It All Changed

If you don’t know me very well then you might not know that I grew up a huge Notre Dame fan. A Catholic boy born a half and hour away from the school will do that for you. Their resurgence right when I found college football did not hurt either. I had no other ideas of a team to root for. Even after attending Purdue I still was a big Notre Dame fan. You can’t just unlearn early behavior. On this day in 2012 though everything changed. My first Purdue football game was at Notre Dame in 1994. I admittedly made fun of Purdue a lot on that day. Eighteen years later on the same campus I felt something unfamiliar in my seat inside of Notre Dame Stadium. I was rooting for Robert Marve and the Boilermakers to beat Notre Dame. It was such a weird feeling to root against the Irish. At some point though my ties to Purdue became more than my childhood ties to Notre Dame. When the Boilers play there in 2021 it would be amazing to be there on the field as my two favorite teams over the course of my lifetime play each other.

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