Blind Luck

Blind Luck Finds Me Again

While out at the Celery Bog on Tuesday I really had some luck fall right into my lap. I walked around to the back of the bog, and while on the observation deck a warbler came darting out of the trees and around a old tree in the water. I missed that shot, but luckily for me the warbler decided to hang out right in front of me. This was one of the birds on my list that I would like to see so I thought that I was so lucky to make the shot. Then it flew off its perch right into my focus point so that I could get the flight shot. With only one focus point active that is a tall task, but it just happened so I could have this cool shot.

More Flight Shots

Flight shots for the most part are pure luck. You need the bird to fly right into the focus point or to just fly on the same plane as you are focused on. In the first shot on this post it fly right with my focus point. For the second shot this bird just flew off where I was already focused. For most I bet birding photography is not about luck. For me it is all about luck. Pressing that luck is what makes it so much fun to do.

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