The Bird Will Find You

Trying Hard Not To Try Too Hard

Monday I went out to the Celery Bog with one idea in mind. I wanted to just let things come to me. I was pressing too hard trying to find too much, and I think missing everything. I just wanted to go for a walk Monday and see what would happen. The bog is actually receding a bit so I could walk all the way around for the first time in a while. While I was out in the far back I ran into a couple of Summer Tanagers. The first was the female, and then sure enough up the trail this male posed for me. By just going for a walk I stumbled into the one bird I had set out to find that day. It doesn’t always work out that way, but it is nice when it does.

Shake Your Tail Feather

I have been trying to make different photos of the birds that I have been seeing a lot of. I can only make so many images of a Palm Warbler on a stick. Of course in a few weeks I will kill for a chance to make a boring warbler photo. In the middle of the migration though I can get cocky and wait for something interesting. Here I thought the birds was trying to be modest. It was probably wondering why I would want a photo of its backside.

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