Unreal Expectations

Going Out Into The Field With Unreal Expectations

I consume a lot of photographs. I am always trying to see what others are doing to help improve my own photography. On Monday night with everyone else in bed I watched a video on YouTube where two very experienced bird photographers went through their best warbler images from the year. Of course I was super excited to get out the next day to make some images. As I drove to the Celery Bog I had ideas of what I would come up with in my mind. Of course those were all images that would have to be made over the course of a few years let alone a couple of hours. I came away with a couple of new sightings, and some good photos. As I drove away though I had the feeling that I had nothing. That is because I expected too much when I went out. Tomorrow I will head out without expectations like normal. That seems to lead to a better experience when I leave.

The Wood Duck

One thing that I was very excited to see is the wood duck. This is such a cool bird that I really want the chance to sit and photograph it for a while. The problem is that they flee the second they see a human. I need to come up with a blind and find a spot that they frequent so that I can photograph these much longer than a passing image or two.

More From The Day

It was not my best day at the bog, but it was also not my worst day. Here are a few images that I liked from my morning walk.

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