Indy Indians vs. Toledo Mudhens

Erich Weiss and Brandon Maurer

Back At Victory Field

A place that I love to shoot is Victory Field. These early morning weekday games are perfect to photograph as well. The stands in the background from the photo wells are filled and there is plenty of space behind the screen to shoot. It really is a perfect setup to make some interesting photos. I will be back Saturday night with less space to move around so I took advantage of a couple of spots yesterday to milk them out while I could.

Trayvon Robinson

Going For It

Part of the fun of making images for MiLB is that I really don’t have an assignment. I can really go for it. I have images that I need to come away with, but for the most part I am thinking of what the best image is. I don’t have a punch list other than what I come up with. If someone is rehabbing or there is a top prospect playing it is nice to get them, but other than that it is what I want to try and get.

Elias Diaz

Elias Diaz Again

Elias Diaz has played a big part in my photography career. Way back in 2015 he is the guy that gave Josh Bell the ice bath during my first game at the stadium. That photo won the MiLBY for photo of the year that year. He is back in Indy rehabbing so it was nice to make photos of him again.

Alex McRae

Pregame Fun

With large crowds of autograph seekers like this one above I am always trying to come up with new ways to show it. Here I sat back a ways with my 600mm and just focused on the items being traded back and forth. I thought that it made for something different. I really liked how this photo turned out. The past couple years have been all about finding the details around the game. This is another great way to do that.

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