A Quick Trip To The Celery Bog

First Photo In The Parking Lot

When I pulled into the lot at the Celery Bog I saw a few swallows hanging out on a birdhouse up there. I quickly parked and grabbed my camera. They flew off as I walked around my car, but I knew that would be back. I found a good spot just as they flew back on top of the house. I saw them perform this ritual where it looked like they were yelling at each other. I made a photo and moved a little closer. Then I repeated this a couple of times until I made the photo that you see above. I wish that it were on something different then that old box, but it still was a great way to start my trip.

The Little Creeper

The brown creeper is not the most photogenic bird, but it is hard to make a good photo of one. That is why I try so hard I guess. I watched this one for a while until it picked this old tree to climb on. I thought that it made the best picture that I was going to make on a cloudy day.

A New Bird?

I saw this bird a couple of times on my walk, and I made a few photos of it. I thought that I had made a new discovery. In a way I had. I had never seen the female red winged blackbird before. Now I have.

A Few More From My Walk

Here are a few bonus photos from my walk yesterday morning.

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