Birding In Terre Haute

Birding In Terre Haute

This past weekend I was able to spend some time in Terre Haute, Indiana while shooting a few sports. With a free morning I spent some time with Jim Sullivan learning the hotspots around the town. If you remember back in May I talked about what a great wildlife photographer Jim is while we photographed track. You can see some of his work here. I was able to see quite a few different species. The highlight of the trip was the pair of Peregrine Falcons that hang out downtown. I will get to more of those later though.

Seeing The Northern Harrier Up Close

I have seen a few harriers over the last couple of months, but this one was the closest that I was able to get. Thankfully I was not driving so I could just hang the 600 out the window and shoot. This bird is beautiful the way that it glides around so it was cool to make a decent picture of it.

An Eastern Meadowlark

I will admit that without the help of Jim I would not have known what this bird was. I have never seen one before. Once again being in the passenger seat helped me make this photo. I could just focus on shooting instead of that and driving.

The Peregrine Falcon

The highlight of the trip was seeing the two Peregrine Falcons that hang out in downtown Terre Haute. They have been there for years, but I had never noticed them before. They have a home in one of the buildings, and they frequent the skies. I don’t know how I missed them before, but I did. Above you can see one bringing food from a cache to the roost. It was cool seeing these birds in person enjoying the windy morning.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week. I know that I say that every week, but this one is one of the best that I have had for a while. Monday and Tuesday were spent in Mackey Arena where I saw the men and women close out their home seasons. ย I had some great wildlife days as well during the week. I lucked out and made some pictures that I really liked. Of course three games in two days at Indiana State were a blast. It was fun being back in town. I even had some time to get out and make some wildlife photos while I was down there. You can read about that tomorrow. For now take a look at my favorite photos from last week here.

2 Replies to “Birding In Terre Haute”

  1. Love these!!! Assuming when you “hung the 600 out the window” you used the “action ” setting (if you will) or did you use a manual setting?

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