A White Breasted Nuthatch At The Celery Bog

A White Breasted Nuthatch At The Celery Bog

I love the way that this bird poses on the tree. Instead of the normal bird on a stick photo I can get the photo of the bird hanging off of the tree. I photograph this bird a lot at home, but at the Celery Bog they tend to hang out higher in trees. On this occasion though things worked out for me to make a nice photo.

When The Bird Finds You

This bird buzzed my head and went right into this tree in front of me. It immediately got into position for me to photograph it. The bird then flew into the tree behind me which I assume was to check the back of my screen to see if I got the shot. It must not have been happy with what I did because it flew back to the same spot on the tree in front of me again. Sometimes birds can be such divas!

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