Purdue Women’s Basketball vs. #8 Maryland

Purdue Takes On Maryland To Close Out Their Home Slate

It is hard to believe that last night was the last Purdue women’s game of the year. It seems like not that long ago that the season was starting up. This winter has just flown by.

Setting Up Remotes

For the game last night I had two remotes set up. One was with an ultra wide angle lens under the basket, and the other was at about 35mm off to the side. In the first half I got barely anything with the 35mm remote, but that was because another photographer sat in front of it most of the half. The remote was in such a place where that shouldn’t happen, but it did. In the second half I made a couple of photos that I liked with the remote late in the game. The way that I look at remotes is that they are gravy. I should be making the photos with what I have in my hand. The remotes are a great way to give the photo story a different look. If I can get a couple of shots from them then I am happy.

Senior Night

The actual senior night was last week, but this was the last time that Abby Abel and Nora Kiesler will be on the floor in Mackey. During pregame I tried to highlight these two as much as I could. It was kind of their day after all. This is a young Purdue team, but these two seniors have helped guide it in the right direction.

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