A Fox At Wolf Park

More Than Just Wolves

Wolf Park used to be one of my favorite places to visit when I first moved here. It was such an interesting place to me. Now sadly once I went into the enclosure with the wolves it is just not the same photographing the wolves from outside of the fence. I really need to get back inside of the enclosure to spend time with the wolves again. It was an amazing experience. Here though I was having some fun testing out my new (at the time) Sigma 300mm lens at the park. I was having fun really getting to make the fence disappear at f/2.8. It is amazing just how much that blew my mind back then. Now I see on photography forums people going through the same phase.

The End Of Google+

Speaking of photography forums I don’t think that anything informed my photography more than Google+. When it was going strong it was a great place for photographers to gather. I don’t know what happened though as it seemed to just die off super quick. I had all kinds of circles for different kinds of photography. It is amazing how many photographers that I met on there back in the day I still talk to. It is even more amazing just how far some of those people have gone since those days. While I belong to a few groups on Facebook they just don’t seem to work as well for me as the old groups on Google+ did. That actually seemed like a community instead of a place to just show off.

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