A Fun Morning At Prophetstown State Park

Unplugging For A Fun Morning

Yesterday I went out for a walk without anything to distract me. In a way I guess the camera distracts me because I am thinking of the photos that I will make, but that is also relaxing for me so it is part of the journey. Spending even just a couple of hours without a device is an amazing thing. Of course I had messages and calls when I got back to my car, but nothing that could not have waited. Sometimes you just need to get out and experience things. When I go out on a walk like this the most important aspect is the walk. It is the idea of capturing something cool that gets me to go out and walk a few miles to do so. If I come away with one photo that I like I am usually happy. Yesterday I made a few that I liked making it a really productive morning.

The Return Of The Killer Mute Swans

Part of a running joke on the blog is the killer mute swan title that I have given them. After watching them fight the other day though seeing this one glare at me from just feet away made me back up quite quickly. As it swam towards me I kept thinking about the shot, but of course that changed once it swam past any usable focal length. Luckily I escaped unharmed…this time.

The Tree Sparrow

Most of the time when you are walking past the tree sparrows will fly away. There always seems to be one in the bunch though that sticks around out of curiosity. That is the one that gets onto the blog.

A First, But Hopefully Not Last

Yesterday I saw my first kingfisher. This is a bird that I would love to photograph probably because it reminds me of Glen Plake the famous skier in the 90’s. That head of the bird is for sure the mohawk that Glen used to run with. As you can see I was too far away to make a decent photo here. Someday I will not be too far away though.

The Return Of The Red-winged Blackbird

As spring gets closer the birds will start to come back. The red-winged blackbird is one of those birds. When I saw this one early in my walk I was excited because that meant that spring is on the way. Of course by the end of my walk I was tired of hearing them call. That is how it is I guess.

Two Points

As I was leaving I saw two bluebirds just sitting on top of the basketball goal near the parking lot where I was at. Of course I made a photo of it, but I had a better idea. I moved to the side of the goal to make this shot. Of course in a perfect world the bluebird would have flown down near the basket to make it look like it was going in, but that did not happen. This one was content with just sitting there chilling out.

My Little Chickadee

Normally I scare all of the Carolina Chickadees away. Yesterday though they hung out for a while. In fact by standing in the wide open it seemed like I made all of the birds okay with me being there. Usually at Prophetstown I find the birds much more skittish than at the Celery Bog. I think it is volume of people. Yesterday though my presence did not seem to be a factor. That makes for a fun morning.

When You Just Miss Great

As I was in the far back of the park photographing a few birds this bluebird came up with a worm in beautiful light ready to eat it. This was right in front of me filling the frame with awesomeness. I was so excited. Of course another bluebird chased it into the shade where it sat for a few seconds before flying with its breakfast out of sight. I quickly adjusted my exposure for the shade, but this shot is not near what it could have been initially. Next time.


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