Xavier Women’s Basketball At Butler

Shooting At Hinkle Fieldhouse

I have a pretty good job. On Thursday night I was in Mackey Arena photographing basketball, and then the next night I was in Hinkle Fieldhouse. Two very cool arenas on back to back nights can’t be too bad. I know that I say it a lot on here, but I am extremely lucky to get to do what I do for a living. Weeks like this remind me of that even more.

When The Remote Works Well

I have been having fun using remotes again. Maybe it is watching how well Purdue is using them that made me get mine back out. At a place like Hinkle I love to use remotes. They allow me to be in another place making an image that looks completely different. During the first half I had a remote right under the basket. Xavier was not driving very much so it really didn’t get what I had hoped to get. In the second half I had the remote off to the side of me. I still didn’t get the shot that I wanted, but this one was pretty close. I put both the handheld and the remote image above so you can see just how the remote gives you another look.

Using The 300mm Lens

For the last couple of games I have been using my new 300mm lens. I really like the way that I can change up the look with it. I have it mounted on my Canon 7D Mark II which is a crop frame body so it really is acting like about a 420mm lens. The keeper rate is low as most of the action is away from you, but it does add some photos with a different look to the gallery. By the time this post goes live I will have shot a lot more with it on my Canon 1DX giving me a truer look at what the lens can do. Part of the fun of getting through the basketball season is trying to make photos that look different. This is certainly one way to do that.

More Photos From The Game

You can check out my photos from the game by clicking on the Xavier Exposure gallery here.

In The Huddle

One of my jobs when I am photographing the games is to take the viewer somewhere they cannot be. In the pregame huddle is one of those places. A couple of years ago I made one of my favorite huddle pictures at Hinkle of the Xavier team. It was one of the first times that I placed my camera in the huddle. It is something that I have done ever since. You give the person looking at the gallery a sense that they are behind the scenes this way.

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