Top 18 Photos of 2018

My Favorite 18 Photos Of 2018

What a year 2018 was! I feel that I really moved forward professional and as a person in 2018. I was able to cross an item or two off my nonexistent bucket list too. Below are my eighteen favorite images from 2018.

18. We start off with an iPhone picture. Of course the focus of the photo is composer John Williams. I was able to hear him conduct his hits almost a year ago. I love movie scores, and this was a great night hearing some of the scores that really meant a lot to me over the years.

17. I have been going to this lake for over 35 years now. This house belonged to my grandparents, my uncle, and now my parents. One night while visiting I made this photo of the sunset over the lake. It was nice to make a fun picture of a place that I know so well.

16. This photo has popped up a few times during my countdown season. I just love the light here, and maybe it is the fact that it is winter and it has been months since I last photographed baseball that it makes the list here.

15. Another baseball photo to warm you up on this cold winter day. I love photographing baseball and sunsets, and when they come together it is something really nice. Here in Dayton I was blessed with an awesome night for some baseball.

14. This year in Ocean City, Maryland I tried to do things that I have not done before. Going every year and staying in the same areas means that you feel like to start to repeat yourself. Taking the drone allowed me to get a couple of new angles that I have never made before.

13. The ‘wind’ blew some leaves right onto the sidewalk, and I made this colorful photo of the fall foliage at Purdue. This was part of a fun day hanging out with Trevor Mahlmann making photos of campus in the fall. 

12. This photo was all about luck. I stayed in my car for an extra minute to send a message to a friend instead of heading into the woods at the Celery Bog. As I got out I looked up at the moon and realized that this plane would appear to go right through it. I ran to the back of my car and the tailgate could not come up fast enough. I think that this makes the countdown because of the sheer luck of the moment.

11. Here is a moment on the opposite end of the spectrum from the last photo. I planned and thought about this photo for a couple of days before the fireworks. The day of the shoot I was worried that I had miscalculated something. I did not though, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

10. We take a break in the countdown for a few photos of Lanie. She is probably my most photographed subject. Not all of the photos end up in the public domain, but here are a few that I liked from this past year.

9. Seeing the snowy owl was another highlight this year. I camped out for around three hours near dusk watching this owl just sit in the field. Just as the light was ready to fade it performed a flyby for me. It was a great reward for a lot of patience on a cold day.

8. I loved my view out of my window in Nashville. I had a blast photographing the NCAA Tournament in Nashville, and I wanted a photo showing my view of the city. Some nice light allowed me to make this photo.

7. Austin, Texas makes its way onto this countdown a few times. Here I was able to see Paul McCartney live for the second time. He still puts on a great show, and it really is a trip through rock and roll history. I am not cool enough for pit access to shows, but here I was able to experience the concert with my family. Here is the view from our seats.

6. I loved these little hallways in the Ryman. They really were made for photography. I had to wait a while to have the hallway to myself, but I feel that it was worth it.

5. Of course the sports highlight of the year was the upset of Ohio State by the Purdue football team. This game seemed to be about more than the players as everyone wanted this win for Tyler Trent. This was probably my best photo from the night. As with most photos like this there is a lot of luck involved here. I had to be in the right place at the right time when Pete went up on the shoulders of the fans.

4. Here was another photo from a trip with Trevor Mahlmann. I love these trips because he does all of the planning, and I show up and just make the photo. He went to school to be a rocket scientist and I have an OLS degree so it makes sense that he does the planning.

3. This was a fun trip for many reasons. I don’t get to hang out with my brother very much since he moved down south. I try and take as many jobs near Bloomington as I can so that I can hang for a while. Here we both happened to be up north at the same time so we went to the Michigan City Lighthouse to make some photos. The light was great, and we had a lot of fun flying our drones. This was my favorite shot from that trip.

2. Here is another lucky shot. I saw lucky because of how I came up with this idea. I was there on another night to make a shot with the ISS in it. I noticed the way that the stars were rotating, and I decided to come back another night to make this star trail shot. This was a fun way to showcase a cool stadium.

  1. Last year I was in Austin, Texas twice. That is fine by my. I would love to go more if I could. I made this photo while there for a wedding. That alone probably puts this on the countdown, but I loved the way this turned out. The Canon 11-24mm lens really let me capture a lot of the scene here. Looking back at the photo I think that I could have flipped my camera to shoot in portrait mode to make another cool image. That is for another day though. I always want an excuse to head back to Austin.

So there are my 18 favorite images from 2018. Looking back it was a fun year. I did not get out for as many photo adventures as I have in the past, but I shot way more sports than ever before. It is a trade off that I will take every time. This year I hope to balance that a bit more. I am now at the end of my look back at 2018. I don’t like dwelling on the past, but these lists are a good way for me to evaluate how I did during the year. You can look at any of the ‘best of’ posts from this year by clicking on the Best of 2018 tab at the bottom of the page. You can also look back at my best of posts from past years down there as well. Sometimes if I really want to grimace I will click on some of my posts from early on in my process. You are always learning and evolving in photography. It will be interesting in a few years to look back on these photos. As of right now I really like this list. I think that it will be hard to top it next year. The fun as always though will be in trying to top it.


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