Top 18 Sports Photos of 2018

My Eighteen Favorite Sports Photos From 2018

The year 2018 was a fun one photographing sports. I was able to check a couple of things off my list entering the year. It is fun to see how this list has evolved over time. In 2018 I did not photograph any wrestling or hockey. I know for a fact that I will photograph wrestling soon, but hockey is a weird sport for me. It would be great to have a hockey shot in this countdown at the end of the year. This is a list of my favorite shots from the year. I tried to get something from all of the sports that I cover. Normally I don’t think a photo is great because of when I made it, but this year it seems like a lot of these come from some sort of tournament action. As good as 2018 was I can only hope that 2019 will be better. I have a funny feeling that it will.

18. Swimming is a sport that I don’t get a lot of opportunity to shoot. Here I had a good one in the good light of the IUPUI Natatorium. Near the end of the meet I started making some more portraits. This was my favorite of those shots.

17. The three days that I spent covering the MVC track and field championships was very fun. They were long days, and it was beyond hot. The photos over those three days were great though. I have always liked this one the best as an Illinois State athlete celebrates winning a conference title.

16. This was not a tournament shot, but it might as well have been. On the last day of the regular season Indiana State needed to beat Bradley to move to the Friday game in the conference tournament. Having that extra day off means a lot during tournament time. ISU played a very good game and got the W.

15. I made this photo during a practice game early in August. I have always liked it since I made it. With the bleachers put away it allowed me to try a couple of new angles. I think the real reason that I have always liked it is the Purdue on the back of the jersey. I was just starting the year out shooting alongside some great people here on campus. It meant a lot to me.

14. I love jube. This moment as Indiana State took the lead at Purdue is a great example of that. The team was pumped and it made for a fun photo. This team really was playing well last year, and it will be interesting to see with most of that team coming back how they do this year. The conference had better watch out for them.

13. After Xavier won their first round NCAA Tournament game the media surrounded the players in the locker room. Instead of getting a static shot of the player I wanted something showing the scrum. This photo with my 11-24mm lens did the trick. It is also fun to use the lights from the TV crews as it gives you a sort of spotlight on the player. 

12. Roller derby is so much fun to photograph. You have everything that you want all in one place. You have peak action all over. You have more emotion than any sport that I photograph. It really is fun to be a part of. Moments like the one above make it all worthwhile.

11. This run by senior Markell Jones where he would not be stopped was a big reason why Purdue left Bloomington with the Old Oaken Bucket, and a bowl game. The light was pretty interesting here as well.

10. When you give a sports team a little extra free time interesting things happen. Here after clinching the Big East conference title outright the team sat in the locker room waiting for coach Chris Mack to come in. His interview was going on a little long so the team came up with this water ambush. It was a cool moment that I was lucky to be a part of. Just being there that day involved a lot of things to fall into place.

9. I love it when Purdue defeats Indiana. In any sport you will usually get me out to make some photos. Here Purdue celebrates with the Golden Spike after taking down Indiana. Next year they will get the chance to win the spike in the new home of Indiana volleyball.

8. Look familiar? After the Purdue soccer team defeated Indiana in overtime this fall all of the players tried to get a hand on the Golden Boot. I love these moments. It was a great game, and the team was so excited to have the trophy in their possession.

7. This came up Friday in my baseball post, but you can’t beat good light. At Loeb Stadium it seems like the light is perfect. Things will change there after this season, but for one more I can play around with this light.

6. Here is another shot where luck played a huge part. After the half I was leaving the media area. Right in front of me was Rondale Moore. I followed him out onto the field to make this picture of him. He was no doubt the star of the season and I thought this made it look like he was running into the spotlight.

5. Photographing the MVC basketball tournament is always a fun time. Here I had a little fun with my floor remote getting an ultra wide look at the action. This only really works with a shot from this spot, but luckily Jordan Barnes gave me the photo that I wanted.

4. When it rains it pours. That is not always a bad thing. It is much harder to make photos with rain gear on your camera. Any changes or uploads have to be made through a piece of plastic that is not easy to see through. With that said rain also offers the chance to make some really cool images. This shot of Purdue quarterback David Blough is one of those.

3. This year I had a blast photographing my daughter playing soccer. She had so much fun that it made the images easy to make. After a Purdue soccer game she was even part of a game at Folk Field. Here she celebrates a goal in the best way possible. With a lot of emotion, and right at the photographer.

2. The Big East baseball tournament was three days of really good baseball. I liked many of my images from the tournament, but this one was my favorite. You have a little of everything that makes baseball such a fun sport to watch and photograph.

  1. This is not a peak action shot. In fact it was made well after the game. Of course it was after Purdue defeated Ohio State and the fans stormed the field. I thought my photos may have been done, but when Purdue Pete was hoisted up I made my way through the chaos to make this photo. At the time I didn’t know what I had done. I actually thought another photo from the field was my best image. Looking back this photo sums up 2018 for me pretty well. Things were really good.

Tyler Trent

I don’t think that I can talk about 2018 without talking about Tyler Trent. He really was a shooting star that all of us at Purdue and around the country were lucky to be around. His strength and courage showed us that we can all do good things if we just put our mind to it.

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