An American Tree Sparrow At Prophetstown State Park

An American Tree Sparrow Poses For Me At Prophetstown State Park

Yesterday as I was walking back to me car after my morning walk I saw this American Tree Sparrow just sitting in the tree staring at me.  I really needed to get going, but a couple of more photos would not hurt. The sparrow gave me a couple of poses and then it was time for both of us to move on.

Looking For The Sharper Image

For some reason when I am using the combination that I made this photo with my images are hit and miss. They just don’t seem to have the sharpness that I expect. I realize that this is probably me. I seem to only notice it though when I have the Canon 7D Mark II on the 600mm lens with the 2x converter. I like being at nearly 2000mm, but maybe the price for that is that the images just aren’t as sharp as I would like. I really need to figure out if this is me or some combination of my equipment.

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