Waiting For The Snowy Owl

Waiting For Another Chance At Photographing The Snowy Owl

Last winter I became fixated with photographing the snowy owl. I bought new equipment to be able to make better pictures of it, and in the off season I bought even better equipment to make sure that I can make interesting pictures of it. Now I just have to sit back and wait for the owls to come back down here in the off season. There is no guarantee that they will, but from all of the indicators that I have seen it looks like they could be heading this way again. The only question is when and where.

Time To Get Crazy Again

When something as rare as a snowy owl comes around I can go crazy trying to make good photos of it. I think the fact that it does not want to be photographed. To make things even harder I try not to put the bird into distress so I have to really be careful how I approach the bird. All of that makes for something that is hard, and just the challenge that seems fun to try and do. Soon I hope to do it again.


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