A Night On The Ocean City Boardwalk

Walking The Ocean City Boardwalk At Night

One of the fun things about hanging out in Ocean City, Maryland is the boardwalk at night. All of the lights and people can make for great photos. Little scenes like the one above are just cool to me. It is a simple scene, but in 2019 one of my goals is to make more simple photos. Every photo does not have to be the photo to end all photos. Little scene like this are great as well.

Color Or No Color?

One thing that I struggle with when I make these night shots in Ocean City is how to present them. All of the color is really an awesome thing, and the photos look great with it all. On the other side the black and white images look great too as the color turn to various forms of white. In black and white the photos all take on a uniform appearance too. I usually try and split the difference with what I do. This photo looked good as a color photo, but looked even better to me in black and white.

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