A European Starling At The Celery Bog

Spotting My First European Starling Of The Season

During one of my morning walks I was getting skunked. That is okay. You don’t need to make photos everyday. As I was taking the bike path back to my car I hit the jackpot. The clouds started to move in, and when that happened the birds really started moving. I saw all kinds of birds just from my spot on the side of the bike path. One of those birds was a European Starling. Most people don’t like them because they drain their bird feeders, but in the park away from my feeder I like them.

The Two Sides Of My Photography

I really have two different sides to my photography. You have the side of me that loves covering loud, tense sporting events. That emotion and tension is something that I feed off of. There is nothing like seeing the big play and making the photo of it. On the other hand I love these little moments in the woods nearly by myself making images. I still get that same feeling when I make a good photo, but I am in a much calmer situation. A good balance of the two makes for better photos I think.

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