Getting Creative In The Fall

Heading To Campus On A Fall Day To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

Sometimes doing what I do I can get into a rut. Photographing sports can easily be something where you just make the same pictures over and over again. When I am out photographing birds which I use to wind down I also can get into a rut making the same thing over and over again. That is where a fun day with my friend Trevor comes into play. Every now and then you need to go out and make something. That little exercise to break the mold can work wonders. I need more days like this where I challenge myself to make something that I have never made before to help me be better during a sporting event. It sounds crazy, but the more you create for fun the more of a reflex that it becomes. I need to work on my creative reflex more often.

About The Photo

This was a photo that I was not going to make. I have seen it made too much, and I have made it in the past. When I realized that I could get down to the ground to get something different I decided to make it. A photo that I was not planning to make ended up being my favorite from the day. There seems to be a theme there doesn’t there?

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