Purdue Women’s Basketball Defeats Fort Wayne

Closing Out The Weekend With A Win

As I have said over the last few days I shot five sporting events over four days this past weekend. Some might complain about it, but I had a blast. This was a very fun game to close out the weekend with. The Boilers were playing tough, and having fun doing it. That is the way to play the game. It also makes for better photos.

Pregame Fun

As I said during my last basketball post I have set a goal to show more of the behind the scenes action this season. With the cool new area outside of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms I have some good chances to make some photos. There are also a few opportunities to get some cool huddle shots before the game as well. I really have been trying to get inside of that huddle to bring the fans in a little closer to the players.

Harris On Fire

Ae’Rianna Harris had a game on Sunday. She came out with something to prove and did just that. She also made the game looks very easy. She did not miss a shot from the floor during the game setting a new school record. During the game I try and look up to see who is playing well so I know where the story may go. You want photos of the player having the best game. On Sunday I didn’t need to look up at the stats to know where the story was.

The Week In Photos

By this point it is probably getting old that I am saying how much fun that I had last week. Five events in four days really tested me a bit, but it also was very fun to shoot through. I am so lucky to do what I do, and you can see my favorite photos from last week here on my Exposure site.

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