Lafayette Roller Derby vs. Illiana Derby Dames

Another Season Of Roller Derby In The Books

This was the end of my seventh season photographing roller derby. This was my sixth as the photographer for the Lafayette Roller Derby team. For the last couple of years I have toyed with the idea of not doing it the following year. It is not because I don’t enjoy it, but rather I feel that someone could do it better than me. I end up having events that either make it so I can’t attend the game, or I end up arriving late. That was the case on Saturday as I missed the early scrimmage and the first few minutes of the LRD game. Every year I have this thought as the season comes to a close, and every year I end up doing as much as I can the next year. They are too much fun to pass up shooting. The main photographer though should be someone that can give the team more attention. This is a fun sport that makes for great photos. They gave me my start and first real gig making photos for a team. To a newer photographer that is a dream come true. If you want to shoot derby come and join me next season. You will not regret it.

Why I Photograph Roller Derby

Every time I tell someone at another sporting event that I photograph roller derby I get the same reaction. The nose usually goes up, and the question of why I do it comes up. The photo above is one big reason why I do it. I love the emotion of it all. You have colorful people playing a sport that is not easy to photograph. All of that means that if you do it right you have a great picture. You have to get it right though. After the game is over you have all kinds of great feature pictures to make. It really is a great way to make some great photos. As long as I can make the games I will still shoot them.

Dragging Along

I came to this event straight from a 100 degree pool, but I was not the one dragging. I was having some fun dragging my shutter a bit. I put my speed light on top of my camera and set my flash to rear curtain synch. I probably could have set my exposure a bit slower, but I was already late so I wanted to make sure to get a few keepers from my experiment. It was a fun experiment though that I need to do more.

Saying Goodbye

Every year at the last game it is usually time to say goodbye to someone. In addition to being a tough sport on the body to play it also takes a lot of time to set these things up. In many sports the athletes train their bodies for the event and then play the games. The derby girls do the same training, but they also have to set everything else up. From getting sponsors to setting up food and drinks and everything else that makes game day what it is. I am always sad to see familiar faces go, but I understand the need to have more free time. This year we had three very familiar faces on the track for the last time. Part of my goal was to document that last bit of time. I try and get the shots, but at the same time let the moments happen. One thing that I have learned about derby goodbyes though. They are not forever. Every game I see familiar faces from the past in the stands.

The Week In Photos

Every week I say this, but last week was a fun week to make photos. Starting tonight I have five events in four days to cover. Next week I have a feeling I will say the same thing again. Here is a link to my favorite photos from last week.

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