A Fall Moonset

The Moon Sets In The Fall

As I was leaving the Celery Bog one day I saw that the moon was headed down from our view. I walked over to a place where I could have the moon right over the tops of the trees. Of course the moon is moving pretty quickly so I used my monopod to move with it. That gave me a couple of extra seconds that I needed to make the shot. This was not the shot that I went out to get that day, but it is one that I like. A different kind of fall shot for me for sure. I had thoughts of focus stacking here so that everything could be in focus, but I like how the trees are kind of ambiguous here. They are trees, but they could be anything.

Making Different Fall Pictures

Every year I set out to make the great fall landscape photo. Every year I end up feeling that I came up short. This year I came up with the goal to make as many fall pictures as I could with longer lenses. I need to get out of that fall wide angle mindset. I wanted to try and do some things with my bigger glass. Of course when I set that goal I did not have a shot like this one in mind, but it ended up working out quite nicely.

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