A White-Crowned Sparrow At The Celery Bog

The White-Crowned Sparrow Gives Me A Nice Photo

As I was leaving the Celery Bog on Thursday I came across this White-Crowned Sparrow. I could see my car from where I was, but one more photo would not hurt. I really thought that I had a good day already, but after thinking that I discovered two new species of birds. Not only did I discover them, but I was able to make a nice photo of each. I realize that everyone has probably already done this out there, but I have not yet. Sometimes heading out to the Celery Bog is a lot like photographing a game. You have your good days and bad days. I have had some days where I just constantly seem to make a bad choice. Then you have days like Thursday where everything seems to go right for me.

The Worst Birder

I really think that I hold the title of the worst birder. In fact a true birder would probably not even call me a birder. In school did the teacher ever call on you when you weren’t paying attention? You knew that they asked a question, but you didn’t know what it was. That is how I feel every time a real birder wants to chat with me. I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I am trying to get better, and I think that I am in some ways. I still have no idea what many birds are. I get excited about finding common birds still.

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