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Headed Back To The Austin City Limits Music Festival Again

This year we are heading back to the Austin City Limits music festival for the third year in a row. Later this month I will be out and about in Zilker Park again listening to some great music. Over the last couple of years we have seen some great performances at ACL, but this year promises to be the best yet. On the first day we get to see the band that my wife and I love seeing together The National. It was a band she loved when I met her, and over the years I have come to love them because they have kind of become the soundtrack of our relationship. Later that night we get to see Paul McCartney live. I saw in Indy a few years ago, but it is always great to see a living legend again. One big highlight for me is seeing Metallica live again. I went many years without seeing a Metallica show, and this time seeing them should be the second in two years. With tickets bought for a show next spring I should see them three years in a row.

What Camera To Take?

I don’t have a outlet for my music images so my dSLR has to stay at the hotel when we travel to the festival. I have rented point and shoots in the past, and even played around with using my phone one year. The photo at the top of the post was made with my iPhone 7 plus shortly after I bought it. I keep my camera put away most of the time, but moments like above when the light is really cool I need something to make photos with. What camera do you take to concerts?

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