A Fall Walk At The Celery Bog Part Three

Finding The Light Where You Can

When I walked into the woods I was almost immediately confronted with the scene that you see above. This squirrel was perfectly lit by the sun coming through the trees. When you make a cool picture right away on a shoot it always makes things easier from there on out. You know that you have one already, now you just have to try and top it.

My First Osprey

During this walk I saw my first osprey. For some reason eagles and hawks are the only two birds of prey that I see regularly. While watching a heron scratch itself for ten straight minutes I heard a noise that told me a big bird was near. I looked up and saw an osprey across the marsh from my eating on what appeared to be a Koi. Of course even with the reach that I had I was really too far away to get a really dynamic photo of the osprey, but being my first time seeing one I made the photo above. Since I am in the future I can tell you that I saw this scene repeat itself the next day, but from a different vantage point. Apparently this osprey knows a good koi pond nearby that it can raid. It flew in from the industrial area and right back to its perch on this tree. I need to find a way to get into that flight path to make a photo.

A Little Trick

When I am in the woods on a sunny day I have a little trick that I use to get my exposures right when I am quickly moving from daylight to dark shade. I use the custom settings function of my 7D Mark II to do this. I have C1 set up for the bright sunlight portions of the marsh. That means that C2 is then set up for the shaded areas in the woods. Sometimes the sun puts little spotlights into the woods so you need to change back and forth quickly. I could adjust all of my settings really fast, but just turning the dial works even better. It is easily 2-3 stops different between the two so just changing shutter speed is not an option. This is a quick way to not miss the picture. I will talk tomorrow a little bit about how you still can. (Again I am in the future.)

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