The Golden Boot Stays Home

The Golden Boot Stays In West Lafayette

A few years ago I made the trip down to Bloomington with a couple of goals in mind. The first was to see my brother for a while who lives about a half an hour North of that city. The second was to make some photos of the Golden Boot trophy if Purdue had won it. They did win it after it residing in Bloomington for a few years. They have kept it ever since. Saturday night both teams played for the trophy once again. As I was editing my volleyball photos I saw that the game was still scoreless. When I was leaving Holloway Gymnasium I realized that the game was heading to overtime. I decided to head that way to see if I could make any photos. I am glad that I did. Purdue won the game in the second overtime on a penalty kick. The celebration was awesome, and well worth the short trip down the road.

Finding An Angle

When I was walking up to the field I heard the countdown for the first overtime. As I walked in the second overtime was ready to start. I looked for the Purdue photographer Charles to see where he was standing. I enjoy talking with Charles, and I often learn something new doing so. During a big game like this though it does not make sense to stand next to him. With the game on the line I moved to the opposite side of the pitch to try and get something different. With those two angles I think that we created some cool images of the celebration. Charles put a great gallery together that you can see here. I have a photo credit for the gallery, but only a couple of my photos make it in at the end. Check it out.

The Week In Photos

While you are checking out Exposure galleries my Week In Photos is now up. A little bit of football, volleyball, and soccer make the cut this week along with some wildlife from the Celery Bog. No hummingbirds this week. This is the first week in a while that I can say that. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

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