Time Flies

Time Flies By So Fast

I cannot believe that my daughter turns five today. It seems like just yesterday that I was standing alone in the pre-op room looking weird in my germ suit waiting to be called into the room. I have loved that girl from first sight though. Many of my career decisions since that time have revolved around her. I love being home for her during the day. Some of my favorite photos that I make are of Lanie having fun. A week ago today I made another one that I love of her playing soccer on Folk Field. I love making pictures for Purdue. I also really love my daughter. When the two come together it makes for a photo that I love.

Five Years Ago Today

The theme for this month on the blog must be getting sappy. I think that part of that is the fact that 2013 was a pretty good year for me. I am not writing these things pining for the past because the present is pretty good too. As someone who has always appreciated history I like to commemorate it. Above is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever made of Lanie. It was made just after I met her for the first time. Things just turned out great here for a good photo made with a contraband point and shoot camera. It is one of the few Nikon images that I share. In between the two photos in this post we have had a lot happen. It is amazing just how much has happened actually. I know that I probably dote on her too much on this blog, but isn’t that what being a parent is all about? Tomorrow I will be back to posting about sporting events or hummingbirds, but today is all about Lanie.

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